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Some basic principles to get started:
* Know yourself, trust yourself, choose yourself.
* Learn from the past as opposed to live in the past.
* Live in the moment, the here-and-now.
* Plan for the future rather than worry about the future.
* Voice + Choice = Self-Esteem!
* Thoughts + Feelings + Actions = Change.

Understanding the meaning of the STC 3-legged stool:
In counseling theory, the three-legged stool is a metaphor for the balance of life. Each of the three legs means something different. Together they represent a tripod of human thoughts, feelings and actions. The stool depends on all three legs to keep it sturdy. The legs are as interdependent as human thoughts, feelings and actions. For human beings to live balanced and sturdy lives, we need all three legs. Anything less would be a loose stool! Stooltime Counseling connects human thoughts, feelings and actions to offer one explanation of how we experience the world, each other and ourselves. (For introspective people, who have a spiritual awareness, read between the legs because it's there, too). The STC 3-legged stool metaphor is the trifecta of mental health.

What's on your mind? What do you feel? What are you doing? What's the connection between our thoughts, feelings and actions? Like water, steam and ice, three realities that come from one source, in this instance, H20, so it is with our thoughts, feelings and actions. Three realities that come from one source, in this instance, our human condition.

How can we view our problems from a different perspective to find a solution? How can we begin to improve the quality of our life? What is human potential in relation to our strengths and growth areas? Do you need help sorting through questions like these? You're in a place that may help! The forum I use to communicate with you is the written word. There is no face-to-face contact with this professional. If you are in crisis, there are other forums of counseling from which to choose.

My areas of specialty include:
Mental Health
Stress Management
Pre-Marital Counseling
Sports Counseling

As you read other postings from the Library Of Articles (see below), you will see self-help articles I have written. Read about our human condition from the perspective of a counselor. Lets get growing, I mean going!

1977: Associates degree. General Studies. Macomb Community College.

1981: Bachelor of Science. Human Resources Development. Oakland University.

1988: Master of Arts. Counseling. Oakland University.

1987: Apprentice Substance Abuse Counseling Certification.

1988: Registered Social Worker, State of MI. Licensed in 2006.

1990: Licensed Professional Counselor, State of MI.

2000: Certified Sports Counselor, Diplomate.

1980-1982: Recreational Therapist. Glen Eden Hospital.

1982-1989: Mental Health Worker. Psychiatric Center Of Michigan Hospital.

1984-1985: Nautilus/Aerobics/Stress Management Instructor. Salt River Racquetball Club.

1985-1987: Adult Education Teacher/Counselor. L'Anse Creuse Public Schools, Opportunity To Change program.

1989-2020: Mental Health Clinician. Oakland County Community Mental Health; Easter Seals.

2001-2009: Mental Health Therapist. St. Joseph's Mercy Hospital/Henry Ford Macomb Hospital.

2003-2010: Pre-Marital Counselor. Holy Cross, St. Catherine, St. Mark churches.

August, 2005: Member of the Human Development Steering Committee with the Statue Of Responsibility Foundation; later invited to join the Public Relations Committee. The Statue Of Responsibility Foundation.

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Stooltime Counseling is dedicated to the celebration of my dad's life. I remember Gene Rogers as an awesome man! We miss your presence, dad, remember your love, and know that our loss is Heaven's gain!

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