February 15, 2007



Business is picking-up! "Stooltime Counseling" has adopted a highway. The highway is located in the State of Michigan, the City of Chesterfield and the County of Macomb. Beginning Summer, 2004, the stretch of Gratiot road between 23 and 24 mile roads is being cleared of roadside trash and debris twice a year by "Stooltime Counseling" family and friends.

The Stoolman, family and friends are happy to provide a community service that supports a clean environment. At the same time, this website is receiving some free advertising.

It's a win-win situation!

The Stoolman is a former Maintenance worker at The Detroit News. That job continues to pay dividends because the same janitorial skills that were used to keep clean the building of a major Metropolitan Detroit newspaper are helping to keep clean part of our environment! The difference between then and now is the Stoolman works on a new team.

KUDOS for a job well done:

I want to recognize the people responsible for constructing a five-lane concrete pavement with curb, gutter and storm sewers on Gratiot Road between 23 mile and 24 mile roads. Stooltime Counseling is happy to have adopted this road.

The following team of people won "THE AWARD OF EXCELLENCE FOR BEST ROAD PROJECT OF 2004" from the Michigan Concrete Paving Association:

1) Project bid awarded to Tony Angelo Construction - Mainline Concrete.

2) Subcontractors: a) Pamar Construction - Sewer/Underground. b) Ed White Contracting - Concrete Curb and Gutter.

3) Project Managers: Road Commission Of Macomb County: a) Project Engineer - Bryan Santo. b) Survey Crew Chief - Kevin Matz. c) Inspectors - Mike Bucholtz, Terry Constantine and Chris DeVos. d) Materials Inspection/Quality Control - Gene Rogers, Barry Rechtizigel and Coleen Head.

CONGRATULATIONS and THANKS for building a safe and smooth road on which to drive!

Road Commission Of Macomb County website.

Written by,
Mark S. Rogers, LPC.
Licensed Professional Counselor
This is Amber. She wears many hats, one of which is her Stooltime Counseling ball cap. She is also a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant and a waitress at Michael's located in Chesterfield, MI. On 1-26-14, Amber and her team participated in the New Baltimore Lions club Polar Bear Plunge event. Nobody but the best choose to become Stooltime Counseling models. Thanks for your support, Amber!

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