November 11, 2011


The Importance Of Being Prepared!

Musical chairs is a game people play to win. Players must be ready for anything when the music stops. It is a game that requires players to walk around a row of chairs while listening to music. When the music stops, the goal is to grab a chair and sit down. Since there is always one less chair than players, someone gets excluded from the next round. Repeat the process until there is one winner. It takes listening skills, timing and preparation to win. Where will you be when the music stops?

Being prepared for the choices we make in life means getting ready to grab a chair when the music stops. The chair just might be a three-legged stool!

Some Examples:
Coaches stress the importance of individual and team preparation before the next game. Prepare to win!

Students who want to show and tell their teachers what they have learned in class prepare by studying and doing their homework. Prepare to pass that test!

Pre-marital couples who plan to marry know the importance of doing more preparation for their marriage than for their wedding day. Prepare to read, R.U.S.T.I.C. approach to marriage.

Boy Scout Law. A scout is:

Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared!

Espousing the 12 values taught to boy scouts puts the "fun" in "functional" activities of daily living! Prepare to function.

People who want to have a nest egg at the time of their retirement learn how to save and invest part of their income during their industrial years. Prepare to have money when gainful employment is no longer an option!

People who have healthy religious feelings live their lives in ways that prepare them for something for which we are all born: the death penalty. The desire to go to our heavenly home after we leave this world takes preparation here on earth. Prepare to live.

Whether it be preparing to win a sporting event, pass a test, increase emotional intimacy in a marriage, function, save money for retirement or live, preparation may not always get us what we want, but it will get us anything better than lack of preparation.

Now, can someone start the music?

Written by,
Mark Rogers, LPC.
Licensed Professional Counselor
To a woman whose friendship I cherish. Thanks for supporting Stooltime Counseling, Michele!

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