November 4, 2011



Left to Right: Kevin Wojcik, Harry Sullins, Gary Morris, Mark Rogers, Dean Pitruzzello, Bill Sellers, Joe Petrone and Arnie Goldman. (Missing from team picture is Pat Einechner). Thanks for supporting Stooltime Counseling!

Trust occurs on many different levels. It can happen when greeting another person by way of a handshake, which is a welcoming sign of friendliness, hospitality and trust. It happens when a man and a woman exchange wedding vows. Trusting oneself and other drivers is evident anytime we get behind the wheel of a car to drive, lest we feel nervous and paranoid during that trip from point A to point B. Then there's the game of bowling. Most bowlers learn the importance of trusting their ball once it leaves their hand and lands on the spot where it then most likely travels to the end of the lane to knock down as many pins as possible. Then again, sometimes a handshake, exchange of wedding vows, an accident-free driving trip and bowling score show less than positive results, despite the amount of trust shown. When things go wrong as they sometimes do, I'm reminded of something once said by President Ronald Reagan. To paraphrase, 'It's easier to trust when you can verify.' The words blend well with the theme of this article, "Trust is a must or your game is a bust!"

My research suggests Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) legend, Billy Welu, coined the phrase, "Trust is a must or your game is a bust," during his tenure on television as the color commentator next to Chris Schenkel on early PBA telecasts, circa 1960's. "Hit 'em thin and watch 'em spin," was another one of his favorite phrases. ABC Sports did a nice job promoting the game of bowling in the 20th century. ESPN Sports has taken over the reins in the 21st century.

Ten In The Pit!
How does a bowler get the blueprint to throw a strike? A strike in the game of bowling is knocking down all ten pins with the bowling ball on the first ball of each frame. There are ten frames in every game, and twelve opportunities to bowl a strike. Twelve strikes in a row is a perfect game: 300. I say the answer is very similar to how any person gets the blueprint to achieve their human potential. One way to do it can be explained this way: Know yourself, trust yourself, choose yourself. Lets do the math!

Know yourself:
Pete Weber, bowling champion, posed this question in 2012 after winning a tournament: "Who do you think you are? I am."

Then, there's Admiral James Stockdale, who asked these questions at the outset of the 1992 Vice Presidential debate: "Who am I? Why am I here?"

After viewing these two short videos of two different gentlemen asking the questions we all want to know about ourselves, I can only surmise, the answer will be different for each of us.

Trust yourself:
Trust what you think, feel and do. There are no mistakes, only lessons. Mastering one lesson allows us to move onto the next one.

Choose yourself:
Choosing yourself starts with a mental exercise that answers the following questions:
1) Where am I? Here.
2) What time is it? Now.
3) What am I? The moment.

Trust this: Bowl one frame, not the game!
Whether it's a game of bowling, one frame at a time, or living a mindful life, one task at a time, choose being aware of the here & now every moment. Life's journey is more memorable and meaningful than the destination. Your bowling scores just might improve, too!

Written by,
Mark Rogers, LPC.
Licensed Professional Counselor

Stooltime Counseling visits Kevin Wojcik's Pro Shop with Harry Sullins. Watch how a bowling ball gets professionally drilled. In baseball, three strikes and you're out. In bowling, three strikes will put you ahead! Kevin's Pro Shop is located in Roseville, MI. Thanks, gentlemen!

Saturday Night Bold Ones league, 2011-2012, Team Stooltime Counseling. I will admit it: I really enjoy bowling!

This is professional bowler, teammate and friend, Harry Sullins. Thanks for supporting Stooltime Counseling!

Hall of Fame member with:
1) Michigan State Bowling Association (MSBA). 
2) Metro Detroit United States Bowling Congress (MDUSBC). 
3) Michigan Majors Bowling Association (MMBA).

Major Accomplishments to date (January, 2013):
* Five Pro Bowlers Association (PBA) tour championships.
* Three PBA50 tour championships.
* Twenty One PBA Regional/PBA50 tour championships.
* 1990 World Open championship (Finland).
* PBA Tour Ironman.
* 55 - 300 games.
* 19 - 299 games.
* 27 - 800 series.
* 4 - MDUSBC championships.
* 3 - MSUSBC championships.

When asked his interpretation of, "Trust is a must or your game is a bust," Harry responded, "Have faith with your personal/physical/mental game. Set your goals and take the right path to get them. Strive to be good/better, and you can achieve your goals." And lastly, "Do not chase two rabbits at one time or both will escape!"

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