February 25, 2007


Earn A Workout At The BrickHouse Gym With The Stoolman AND An STC Ball Cap

Stooltime Counseling celebrates its anniversary every July 4th since 2001. Let me take a minute to thank everyone who has acknowledged my work in one way or another since 2001. As a token of my appreciation, I am offering a special promotion. This article explains the promotion, which is interactive in nature, and takes a different direction from others I have written. It is your chance to earn one free gym workout with me, and receive a free Stooltime Counseling ball cap for showing up at the gym.

I plan to stay busy, putting pen to paper, writing articles for this website. The invitation goes out to my readers to write to me about your "fitness" story. Your effort could empower you to be my guest at a local gym, and acquire a free STC baseball hat on the day we workout together.

One person each month will earn the opportunity to be my guest at the BrickHouse gym in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. At the gym, we will talk about your fitness goals and tailor a workout to meet your individual fitness needs. You will also receive a free Stooltime Counseling ball cap ($20.00 value) that can be used as part of your workout attire. After we're done, there will be an opportunity to talk about the workout experience as one way to verbally reinforce your efforts.

Here is what I am asking you to do:
In 200 words or less, essay format, tell me what important lessons in life have taught you or a loved one to either begin or want to begin a doctor recommended regular exercise plan. How were you (or they) encouraged, inspired, motivated or supported?

This written exercise requires the author to wear a thinking cap, and to include some passion and feeling into what is being written.

I ask that you contact me by way of e-mail or snail mail.

All age groups are invited to participate, but if you are a minor, and your essay is one of the twelve I choose each year, I ask that your parent or guardian accompany you to the gym.

I request that each of the twelve chosen essay writers every year have medical clearance to participate in resistance (strength/weight training) and endurance (aerobic) work.

The BrickHouse gym is located in Mt. Clemens, Michigan, and it is up to you to get there on your own or with help from your parent or guardian.

The BrickHouse Gym has qualified and capable fitness staff, who are available during workout hours. Currently, I am not a certified fitness instructor, but I am a certified sports counselor, who is passionate about working-out!

All essays become the property of Stooltime Counseling unless you ask that yours be returned. If you have any questions or comments about this promotion, please contact me for clarification.

I will accept essays on an ongoing basis for an indefinite period of time.

Thank you and GOOD LUCK!

Written by,
Mark S. Rogers, LPC.
Licensed Professional Counselor and
Certified Sports Counselor, Diplomate
Thanks for showing Stooltime Counseling readers you support this website, Marissa and Ken! I appreciate it.

Please Note:
Sadly, in June, 2011, the BrickHouse gym closed its doors. Gym memberships were subsequently transferred to Metro Family Fitness gym located in Clinton Township, MI. Gladly, beginning June, 2011, the above referenced offer applies to working-out there as opposed to the BrickHouse gym. Here's a link to their website: Macomb Athletic Club.

Circa November, 2014, Metro Family Fitness changed its name to Macomb Athletic Club. You can use the same link above to read details about what the gym has to offer their members.

Beginning in 2018, Macomb Athletic Club changed ownership. Long-standing gym memberships were no longer acknowledged. I found a new fitness location. Beginning in June, 2018, Planet Fitness became my gym-of-choice!

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