February 19, 2007



Stooltime Counseling is happy to report having received some recognition on the web from people who review and rate websites: The Golden Web award, The Gadzillion award, The American Association of Webmasters Bronze award and The Miller Communications Group award. Prior to using the blog format to illustrate and promote Stooltime Counseling, I used a website host called, Express Page, to post my articles. It was then when Stooltime Counseling earned its recognition and awards.

Additionally, Stooltime Counseling is announcing the sale of baseball hats, shirts and jackets that have its logo embroidered on them.

Click: Graphic Stitch/Stooltime Counseling to view the on-line store. Stooltime Counseling is partnering with Graphic Stitch, Inc. to make merchandise available.

What can I say? Todd and his wife, Amy, believe in Stooltime Counseling so much, they take a moment to strike a pose wearing STC ball caps that were designed and made at Graphic Stitch, Inc., the business in Marysville, Ohio that sells Stooltime Counseling merchandise. Todd is owner and President of Graphic Stitch, Inc. Thank you Todd and Amy! I appreciate your support on so many levels!

According to some studies (formerly found on WebMd, article #86/99235), wearing a hat (and sun glasses) while outside can reduce the risk of our eyes becoming damaged later in life (cataracts, age-related macular degeneration). Why not make it a "Stooltime Counseling" hat?

At the very least, wearing a Stooltime Counseling ball cap comes in handy during a bad hair day!

Invest in the purchase of a Stooltime Counseling baseball hat. A supply of other merchandise is also available as referenced above.

Stooltime Counseling Paracord Bracelets now for sale. Thanks to Dawn Bols from Paracordia Custom Paracord Products for your hand-crafted work.
$15.00 USD each + $5.00 postage. Requests can be mailed to P.O. Box. SOLD OUT!

What's New beginning March, 2020? 

"STOOLTIME COUNSELING on the web!" silicone wristbands.
Available colors are navy blue, black and yellow.

$2 (USD) + S.A.S.E. (self-addressed-stamped-envelope) to P.O. Box address.

Thanks in advance for supporting Stooltime Counseling!

Mark S. Rogers, LPC.
P.O. Box 311
Anchorville, MI. 48004-0311

"STOOLTIME COUNSELING" has award winning quality!

Written by,
Mark S. Rogers, LPC.
Licensed Professional Counselor and
Nationally Certified Sports Counselor

Thanks for supporting Stooltime Counseling, Whitney!

Thanks for supporting Stooltime Counseling, Mary!

Thanks for supporting Stooltime Counseling, Emily!

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