June 25, 2010


I describe freedom as an oasis of excitement, and responsibility as a desert of boredom. To be free is very exciting. To be responsible can be very boring. Freedom is fun, responsibility is hard work. Can one exist without the other or are the two interdependent?

I believe society is beginning to grapple with that question as evidenced by radio and television talk show hosts like Bill O'Reilly making references about people behaving responsibly or not. I once counted Bill O'Reilly using the word, "responsible", or a synonym for the word, 10 times during one of his shows. Bill O'Reilly, and others, take a chance talking about responsibility and accountability because some people meander about in our no-fault society and don't buy into its value. It is my contention that more people need to get involved in the discussion about freedom and responsibility. An expanded national dialogue needs to happen. Where's the media when you need them to support my contention?

It has been a joy and a frustration to belong on two committees (Human Development and Public Relations) with the Statue Of Responsibility Foundation. The Foundation wants to organize people to privately fund the building of a new national monument that could expand the national dialogue on the theme of people thinking, feeling and acting responsibly. Does this already sound boring? It's no wonder why most of the media dismisses the need to cover the story.

The joy for me is doing something for which I feel passionate. I have the opportunity to meet a lot of influential people during my tenure with the Foundation. I am also grateful for being a part of an organized, grass roots effort that is building a new national monument that will supplement the Statue Of Liberty. What an impact it will have on America and the world! With freedom comes responsibility. With excitement comes the boredom. It almost sounds like a yin-yang kind of thing.

I also feel the joy to know there are plans by the Foundation to provide scholarships to kids after the monument, which will bookend the Statue Of Liberty, is built. Who couldn't use some financial support to pay for college?

The frustration for me is working to contact influential media sources, and not hearing back from most of them. Is "responsibility" too boring of a concept to be covered by the media? The media likes to project excitement and sensationalism. I suppose it will take a celebrity or other famous person to be named as the Foundation's national spokesperson before the Foundation's efforts to build the monument catches the attention of most of the media. Certainly, the book, "Responsibility 911" is on sale now, and being used to generate money that will be used to help build the monument. See the Foundation's website The Statue Of Responsibility for details.

Here is a list of people/media I have contacted since joining the Foundation in August, 2005. Some were kind enough to respond, others were not.

President George W. Bush.

Maria Shriver, California first lady.

Bill Gates.

Rush Limbaugh.

David Limbaugh.

Sean Hannity.

Glenn Beck. (Invited to be a Goodwill Ambassador with the Foundation)

Neal Boortz.

Bill O'Reilly.

Michelle Malkin - Fox News Channel and blogger.

Professor Rothman - UNLV History Department.

Vince Swift - The Statue Of Liberty Club.

Oakland University Alumni Magazine, Michigan.

The Detroit Tigers Organization.

The Detroit Lions Organization.

Al Johnson - Fox 2 Detroit.

The Bay Voice Newspaper, Michigan.

The Macomb Daily Newspaper, Michigan.

Mort Crim Communications, Southfield, Michigan.

Comcast Newsmakers.

The Times Herald Newspaper, Port Huron, Michigan.

Senator Debbie Stabenow, Michigan.

Congresswoman Candice Miller, Michigan.

Representative Dan Acciavatti, Michigan.

Tim Allen. (Invited to be a Goodwill Ambassador with the Foundation)

Jay Leno.

Oprah Winfrey.

Retired Admiral Herbert Meyer. (Invited to be a Goodwill Ambassador with the Foundation)

Paul W. Smith, WJR 760 AM radio, Detroit.

Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner.

Allan H. (Bud) Selig, MLB Commissioner.

David Stern, NBA Commissioner.

Gary Bettman, NHL Commissioner.

The Heritage Foundation.

The Drudge Report.

Senator John McCain.

Sarah Palin, Alaska Governor.

Anheuser-Busch, Inc., "Responsibility Matters" program.

Lets get the monument built!

Written by,
Mark Rogers, LPC.
Licensed Professional Counselor

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sketch said...

yo yo u make a good point in what you say and youve really talked to all those people? anyways whats going on with u- sketch

Mark S. Rogers, LPC. said...

Hi, Sketch.

I've communicated with the ones who either wrote back, e-mailed back or talked to me on the phone. I won't post who responded and who didn't out of respect to them. I don't want my website to become a public forum for griping.

I'm doing well, Sketch. How are you? I'm getting ready to go bowling right now. Hope your weekend is fun, too!