January 29, 2007


Created on July 4th, 2001 by Mark S. Rogers, LPC.

My name is Mark Rogers. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Nationally Certified Sports Counselor. I am the creator and author of "Stooltime Counseling", a website designed to educate and empower people. Main theme: MENTAL HEALTH. Presently, this is being accomplished by referring you to the archived Library Of Articles, where you can peruse articles I have written.

I have been employed in the Mental Health Profession since August, 1980. I have always enjoyed writing. I decided to start a website so I can share my professional knowledge with others on the internet. Allow me to personally thank Danny, my twelve year old nephew, for teaching me how to create a website. You're good, Danny!

One of my goals has been to write a book. We all have a story to tell. Figuratively, I believe we all have a book within us just waiting to be written. It is time for me to put pen to paper to begin writing mine. Each article contained in the "Stooltime Counseling" Library will have its place in my book. Creating this website has helped me to quit procrastinating and begin the process of sitting down and writing, even if it is one article at a time. It took me approximately twelve years of college to earn a Master's degree, one class at a time most years, but I eventually realized my goal. I am applying the same deliberate process to my goal of writing a book. It is taking some time to finish, but I am finishing.

This website is entitled, "Stooltime Counseling", so it would follow that its author be called, "The Stoolman." The bad news is that some people equate Stooltime Counseling with manure because of its name. The good news is that good things grow from manure! From where did the name, "Stooltime Counseling", come? Why choose a name that sounds like a by-product from a bodily function? These are fair questions. I can take the kidding! I especially like an idea from Debbie in Ohio, who suggests a slogan for this website: "If you have an issue, I have a tissue"! Thanks, Debbie!

Counseling is a moving art form rather than a science. It is not exact like Mathematics. Techniques applied by Counselors are based on different theories like Freudian, Cognitive-Behavioral, Logotherapy, Gestalt and the Three-Legged Stool to name a few. Many Counselors have an eclectic approach, and base their form of therapy on many different theories, as do I. However, I particularly like the Three-Legged Stool theory, hence, the "stool" part of this website's name. I am grateful to Professor Elyce Cron from Oakland University for introducing me to the Three-Legged Stool theory during the course of my graduate studies. You can read about how I apply the Three-Legged Stool theory to my counseling techniques and philosophy by reading the article entitled, "The Three-Legged Stool," elsewhere on this site.

Some of us remember a situation-comedy TV show called, "Home Improvement", starring actor/comedian, Tim Allen. It was popular during the 1990's. Tim's character played a handyman, who had his own show that helped its audience with matters related to home improvement. The show's name was, "Tool Time." Tim's character was referred to as, "Tim, the Tool Man Taylor." I thought the show was well written, well acted and funny. I was fortunate to meet Tim Allen in 1995 during one of his visits to the Pontiac, Michigan area. He appeared at the Lighthouse of Oakland County, Inc., to generously donate a brand new Ford van, which was to be used to transport senior citizens, who were somehow affiliated with the Lighthouse. The Lighthouse is also an organization that helps eligible people acquire clothing, emergency food and assists with housing issues. When I approached Tim Allen, I was wearing a Varsity jacket that had my Three-Legged Stool logo embroidered on it. At that time, I had already conceptualized the idea of the Three-Legged Stool logo for my part-time counseling practice. I showed the logo on the jacket to Tim and said, "You're the Tool Man, I'm the Stoolman!" Without flinching, Tim responded, while laughing, "And your show is called Stooltime." The rest is history. Thank you, Mr. Tim Allen, for those words that are now the title of my show, I mean, website.

Tim Allen is the "Tool Man" on a show that is called, "Tool Time", that helps people with home improvement. Mark Rogers is the "Stoolman" on a website called, "Stooltime Counseling", that helps people with mental health improvement. This makes perfect sense to me!

Written by,
Mark S. Rogers, LPC.
Licensed Professional Counselor and Nationally Certified Sports Counselor.(4/02)

Thank you for supporting Stooltime Counseling, Amanda!


sketch said...

Mark you rock. what you are saying about everyone having a book in them is so true. I've actually been working on an off writing my life's story but no do much recently I need to get back to that. You are an awesome case manager and I support you 100%.

Mark S. Rogers, LPC. said...

Thank you, Sketch! I appreciate your support. Finish that book that lives inside your mind and heart. You can do it ... even if it's written one page at a time.