February 8, 2007



There is a school of thought that teaches us how to use the power of our sub-conscious mind to help reach our goals. High achievers have been known to use this tool to facilitate their human potential. Our human potential is realized as we set goals and objectives and then go about meeting them. Everybody faces obstacles and barriers in the quest to realize their goals. It is comforting to know that there are certain things we can do to help us overcome these barriers to make goal attainment more manageable. This article outlines one such method.

One part of this technique includes the use of specific affirmations, written in the present tense, which help instill self-confidence and a desire to learn what it takes to reach our goals. First, we write down personalized affirmations specific to what we want to achieve. What makes this technique so unique is that the affirmations we use are our own rather than from some canned script we hear on most self-help audio-cassette tapes.

The second part of this technique is to record the affirmations on tape. After that is done, it helps to dub some music or sound effects over the words to create an easy-to-listen, enjoyable audio-cassette tape.

The third part is to listen to the tape at bedtime and/or upon awakening in the morning, when our sub-conscious mind is most open to the power of suggestion.

When I attended graduate school to learn the counseling skills it takes to become an effective Counseling student, I created one of these tapes for myself. I recorded specific affirmations like: "I am actively listening to my clients." "I am learning how to develop empathy to better understand my client's treatment needs." "I am psychologically attending to each of my clients in the here-and-now during sessions." I chose the "Slow Ocean" sound effects tape to dub over the words. I listened to the tape at bedtime each night during my Practicum semester experience. I believed this was one tool that helped me to graduate.

Once we know our goal(s) and objectives, either we can create our own tape of affirmations or I can help. As a special offer to "Stooltime Counseling" readers, I can create the tape for you at no cost when you purchase two or more available Stooltime Counseling merchandise items. In addition to receiving your own 20 to 30 minute audio cassette tape for personal growth, side two will have a Relaxation Skills teaching session, the same one I provided to the Detroit Tigers Major League Baseball Team during their 1989 season. The relaxation skills I teach include progressive muscular, deep breathing and mental imagery techniques.

Unless you choose to act on your own by creating your own tape, I will need some specific information to create the tape for you:

1) What specific goal do you want to accomplish?
2) How do you plan to accomplish your goal?
3) How will you know when you have achieved your goal?

The more details you provide me, the better it will be.

Next, choose one of the following "Sound effects" for your tape and include this information with your request:

* Slow Ocean.
* Niagara Falls Waterworks.
* Ultimate Thunderstorm.
* English Meadow.
* None.

Remember to include a request and payment for the merchandise with this offer. Allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. All correspondence needs to be mailed to my P.O. Box address.

I look forward to using my expertise in helping to develop a tape that will work for you! Thank you!

The ABC's of reaching our goals:

Mark S. Rogers, LPC.
Licensed Professional Counselor and
Nationally Certified Sports Counselor, Diplomate

Note: This article was written in March, 2003, when audio cassette tapes were readily available. Beginning in 2011, the above offer is no longer available; however, readers are encouraged to find a way that best allows the utilization of the main lesson: Learning Through Repetition!

Jamaica the parrot says, "Stooltime Counseling, Stooltime Counseling"! Learning Through Repetition. Thank you!

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